Baby, it’s cold outside!

Living in Texas we don’t have to worry about cold weather TOO often, and we all know Texans don’t deal with cold weather very well. The positive side to cold weather on your wedding day, however, is that you can spice up your look with an awesome jacket, wrap, or other warm accessory. These make for some gorgeous photos and unique memories of your wedding day all while keeping you warm!

Check out these stores for your winter accessories: Nordstom, H&M, Neiman Marcus

Photo Credit: EE Photography, Clean Plate Picture, Kali Lu Photography, Heather Waraksa Photography




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  • Bellenza

    Love the upper right photo! Gorgeous! ♥

  • crystal

    Great article! Loved the wedding ideas and planning tips you have on this blog!

  • Alex Kilbee

    We had a bunch of winter weddings last year. No snow though, just damp cold weather :(

    I love the photograph on the top right.

  • Black N Bianco

    Cute pictures!

  • Rachel Wise

    Very cute, but all I’m thinking is how to convince an officiant to do the wedding outside?!

  • Chad

    Rachel, No doubt! I dj’ed an outside wedding ceremony just a month ago and it was ffff freezing! lol
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  • Chad

    Ah yes, we love TX! Outdoor photo shoots in December! No problem. lol Great pics!
    Wing Ding Entertainment

  • Ben Patrick John

    It is always a nice feel on a winter wedding. The jackets looks beautiful and nice plan on the wedding dresses. dallas wedding planner

  • Hospity

    Wow.. awesome this is Great Wonderful wedding planning Ideas.. Thanks..

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