Boutonnieres are an essential part of the groom and groomen’s wedding day look. There are many different types of flowers and textures to choose from that can be a great accent and pop of color.

You can go for a more traditional and simple look with a ranunculus flower or calla lily. These can also be wrapped in a fabulous ribbon to add some color.

You could pick boutonnieres that have a lot more going on with different types of flowers like succulents, billy balls, scabiosa pods, dusty miller, and other textures. They are very unique and masculine without going overboard and being too much on the lapel.

You could even choose to go the non-flower route with creative things like buttons or pinwheels. These are boutonnieres you can make yourself and still have a great visual impact.

Photo Credit: Megan Saul PhotographyMary Wyar PhotographyLaura Murray Photography, Jason & Anna Photography, Aubrey Joy Photography, Rojo Foto Design


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  • Bellenza

    Love the succulent and non-floral boutonnieres! :)