Escort Vs Place Cards

There are many advantages to having assigned seating at your wedding. It’s organized, pre-planned, and something you can control. It is extremely helpful for catering staff if you are having a plated dinner with meat choices. It can help the flow of the room having friends and family sit together.

If you choose to assign seats you will need to decide how you are going to arrange it. One of the main things you need to know is the difference between escort cards and place cards. Escort cards are lined up on a table at the reception for the guests to pick up and go find their seats, thus escorting them to their seats. Place cards are already set at the specific person’s chair showing them their place.

If you choose to have place cards it is best to make a chart or list for people to find their name and respective table assignment. You could make something cute like this chalkboard or use a vintage window or door. You have the option of arranging the names by table or to alphabetize them. If you have a large guest count, you may want to have two or three lists/charts made to help with the flow.

Escort cards are a small detail, but a cute way to tie in the theme of your wedding. You can even give out your favors this way, having the guest’s name attached to a small item. Click here for some more examples of things you can use for your escort cards.

Place cards help complete the look of your beautiful place setting. You can use elegant calligraphy or have them match the other paper items, like menu cards, in your wedding.

Here are a few things you’ll need to remember when doing assigned seating:

  • Check and double check your seating chart when the final RSVP’s come in.
  • Make sure no tables are overly crowded or mis-numbered, no guests are without a seat, and nobody is sitting next to somebody that will make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Some guests may forget to RSVP or bring an unexpected date, so having a few extra chairs as a back up plan is always a good idea.
  • Prominently display the table numbers so there is no confusion finding a table and to make the process quicker.
  • You could also choose to only assign seats to the head table or reserve family tables instead of doing every guest.

Photo Credit: Raya Carlisle, Hunter Photographic , Lisa Lefkowitz Fine Art Photography,  Sabine Scherer Photography, Amy & Stuart Photography, Eric Kelley Photography

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  • Bellenza

    Very helpful! Love the idea of using old doors/windows for place card charts!