Wedding Dress Silhouette

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most fun things you will do as a bride! But, going into a store full of white dresses can be overwhelming, so the best place to start is by narrowing down what shape will look best with your body. You want to accentuate the best part of your body, whether that be your waist, back, arms, or any other part.

Here are some examples of different dress silhouettes to get you started:

An A-Line shape is one of the most common. It has a fitted bodice and flows down to the ground creating an “A” shape. It works well with most body types including, tall and thin, apple, pear, and full figure, because it can hide problem areas.

Ball gowns have a fitted bodice and flair out at the waist. They can get rather large and poofy, and give you more of a princess type look. They look best on girls with an hourglass, apple, and pear shaped figure and do well hiding the lower half of your body but they tend to overpower smaller framed girls.

Empired waist gowns are fitted in the bust area and flow down below the bra line. It works well on tall and thin, apple, pear, full figure. This shape of dress will make you look taller. If you happen to be an expecting bride, this shape is ideal for room for the bump.

Mermaid or trumpet gowns are fitted about to the knee and flair out from there. They accentuate the stomach and hip area and are good for smaller framed and hourglass shaped brides to show off those curves!

Sheath dresses flow straight down from neckline to the ground. They are great for smaller frames and hourglass shape. They will draw attention to any problem areas, so avoid this silhouette if you are body conscious.

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Photo Credit: Moonlight Bridal, Eric Lundgren Photography, Full Bloom Photography, Jo Photo, Heather Waraksa Photography, Sarah Seven, Lev Kuperman Photography, Nicole Miller, Dawn Earles Photography, MD Turner Photography


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  • Bellenza

    So helpful! Especially when you’re clueless about what type of dress complements your body type. Love A-line and Sheath dresses! :)